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    CBD Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy

    If you are looking to try the CBD hemp flower sour space candy and wonder if it is different from other hemp varieties, you are not far from the truth. But you should ignore the sour in the name and look forward to enjoying some sweet scenting aroma when you burn the grass. You should also expect an uplifting feeling when the CBD kicks in. Want to know all that goes with smoking the CBD hemp flower sour space candy? You can find out all the juicy secrets below.


    What is CBD Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy?


    If you are familiar with the hemp plant, you will know that there are many different strains, and the sour space candy happens to be one of the many different CBD hemp flowers. This unique strain is a blend of two popular hemp flowers that makes it a lot denser than others.

    The Early Resin and Sour Tsunami, which combines to form the Sour Space Candy when taken individually, is known to be a mood booster. So you can imagine what to expect when they are packed together in one bud.

    The early resin hemp variety is a sweet-tasting strain with a fruity scent that adds to the therapeutic effect of CBD. On the other hand, the sour tsunami is a tangy-tasting hemp strain known to have a calming effect on the nerve. Want CBD hemp flower that can help cope with a stressful day without the fuss of THC? You surely want to check out the sour space candy.


    What’re the Terpenes, CBD, and THC Profiles?


    It’s a matter of importance to check out the chemical profile of your hemp supply. And you want to do this before buying. You could avoid all the hard work of carrying out a lab test if you are not in the CBD trade and shop from a reliable brand.

    If you get hold of quality space candy, you should get not more than 20% CBD content. And this is due to the blend of strains that make up the flower. The THC levels should not exceed 0.06%, so you don’t get thrown off balance if you puff too much. With a dominant terpene structure, you get a flower with a strong earth scent backed with a relaxing feel.


    How Does It Affect the Body?


    You’ll find CBD to be generally mild on the body and leave you with mild side effects, if any. And if you go for products with low THC, you can be sure not to suffer from any mild altering sensation. But for a strain with a high cannabinoid content and over the limit THC levels, you should be careful with how much you use.

    For a first-timer who uses hemp sparingly, you want to start with a few hits and use only at intervals. However, if you are looking to step down from marijuana and take a less intoxicating approach to your cannabis use, the space candy can be your best option.

    With a mild, sleepy, yet relaxing effect, you can find it great if you want to get your mind of those repetitive thoughts. Like the type, you get on a stressful day. Want to sleep better at night, you could enjoy a few hit before bed. However, you should avoid using it for work, as it could put you in a pensive state where you may not find it easy to do much work. The link here https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-take-cbd has more on how best to enjoy your hemp.


    What are the Risk Factors?


    The risk factors are common with all strains of CBD and not just the sour space candy. There shouldn’t be much risk for moderate users to worry about aside from some mild reactions during the initial use. But with time, your body should be able to process the hemp strain without any side effects.

    Some of the common side effects of cannabis use for first-timers include a dry mouth and headache. It is also possible to suffer fatigue and diarrhea when you use poor-quality CBD. One of the surest ways to avoid any complications is to get your supply from a trusted source.


    How to Spot Quality Sour Space Candy?


    It can almost be impossible to tell the difference between most CBD strains, as you will likely be staring at green plants that look nearly the same. But with closer observation and an eye for quality hemp, you should be able to identify it. For starters, the buds are medium to large, with flowers that appear light green.

    You will also find the flowers to be dense and sticky to the touch. This is due to the large presence of resin residue on the plant. The hairs that stick out of the plant give an orange-purple highlight you can’t miss. But you will have to be staring at the plant to examine it properly.

    This can be challenging if you are shopping online. You will find here some of the best CBD supplies, including fresh sour space candy. You can make use of review sites to do your shopping. Or better yet, buy from an established brand like suggested in the link.

    Final Note


    There are many different hemp strains available, and you will find that most of them have a different feel. The sour space candy is a hybrid blend of the early resin and sour tsunami. And what you get is a sweet-sour-tasting, fruit scenting flower that hits mildly when lit.