11-13 Nov 2022
Weekender Minehead
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    Interview: Jeremy Cunningham of Levellers

    We are all very excited at Shiiine Towers about the prospect of the Levellers heading to Shiiine in little of 4 weeks. The band headline an epic Friday which will see them take to mainstage alongside The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat itself and Jim Bob. We caught up with Jeremy Cunningham to find out what’s in store…

    You are heading the first night at Shiiine this November, how are you looking forward to the show?
    Yeah lookin’ forward to it!

    What have you heard much about our festival? We hope all good stuff!
    Indeed, good stuff or we wouldn’t do it…

    What can we expect from the set list, will it be greatest hits?
    “Shut up and play the hits” is our festival remit – with the usual chaos and a couple of surprises thrown in…

    Sounds great! Do you have a particular song from the set which is a favourite to play live?
    Not really, love ‘em all.

    Have you played with any other bands on the bill before? Do you have any tales of debauchery with them?
    Ha ha, plenty of dirt on all those c**ts!

    Shiiine On often gets labelled as being a nostalgic event but the Beatles and stones et al never are. Discuss.
    If u got something to say u gotta say it… In fairness we didn’t realise we say it for so long! But not much has changed for the better, so here we are…

    James the promoter seems to remember you playing a travellers festival in Leasowe on the Wirral in around 1990/91. Is that correct and what’s your recollection?
    Honestly I can’t remember. But I do recall doing several up that way with RDF around that time.

    How would you like to be remembered? Your place in music isn’t associated with Madchester, Dance or Britpop yet everyone loves you and knows all the songs.
    We don’t fit in, never will, never wanted to. Let’s be remembered for that and some great songs – that’ll do us!

    What are your thoughts on demise of most industry for proper bands and what can be done / advice for new bands. Is it to carry on playing live across country loads of times?
    Things have changed in music biz but the basics still count: Get in a band because you’ve got something to say and you love the guys/girls around you. If the total noise is bigger than the sum of its parts that’s the best u can do!  Rest is up to being in the right place at right time…

    How did you view the media invention that was “Britpop”?
    Kinda passed us by… we were always outsiders, even before we were in the band – that’s why we are a band!  Britpop – Blur v Oasis, 2 great bands at the height of their powers… then a demeaning cozying-up to Tony Blair.

    You’ve played hundreds of festivals over the years. Do you have a particular festival show that you have played that stands out amongst the rest?
    Wango’s stage on the travellers site at Glastonbury, as the sun came up around 4am… my best festival moment!  Haha we’ve all got a story to tell about that week…

    And what about a worst? Have you ever played a festival show where you messed up?
    Mate, in the immortal words of Chris Bowsher: too many to mention, too many to know

    You do your own festival too, Beautiful Days. What inspired you to do your own event?
    We played V99 and Mark said this is awful (it was), we can do better… he got together with Dave our agent and the rest is history!

    Which acts which you have booked have been your favourites?
    Gogol Bordello, Midlake, Frank Turner

    Whats next for the band – Do you have any plans for any new material?
    We’ve got new album out early next year

    Finally, any message for the Shiiine punters?
    Think for yourselves