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    Interview with Jim Bob (Carter USM)

    From spawning four top ten albums (including a number one) and 12 top 40 singles with his early 90’s outfit Carter USM to becoming an acclaimed author with 3 books to his name, Jim Bob Morrison is a man of some pedigree. Ahead of his main stage performance on opening night of Shiiine 2017 we catch up with the man himself to talk about Shiiine On cruises, new material and really happened with THAT Phillip Schofield incident…

    Hi Jim Bob, how are you today and where can we find you answering these questions?
    Hello. I’m at home in South London. I’m sitting in the garden on an uncharacteristically sunny day. I think I’m actually catching the sun. Whatever that means. How can you catch the sun?

    You survived the Shiiine Cruise to Amsterdam. How did you find that?
    It did feel a bit like survival. I enjoyed it though. I do feel that apart from the captain (I hope) of the ship I was the soberest person on-board. There were moments when I was reminded of the bar in Star Wars or a remake of Blade Runner.

    You’re currently gigging as a solo act. How do you find that compared to being in a band?
    It’s easier in terms of being able to do what I want and play what songs I want. There are usually three or four of us when we tour though, even though it’s just me on stage. I do love the volume of a loud band though. I’m still an old punk at heart.

    What’s your best memory of playing at a music festival?
    It’s probably Carter at Reading 1991 when everything was so perfect. It was before the backlash and before we started to get bored with doing the things that we’d always wanted to do. The sun set at the right moment and the audience were amazing.

    And what about the worst?
    I played a festival a few years ago. There was no audience. Loads of food stalls and a fun fair but nobody using any of it. Stavros Flatly was the most popular act on (seriously). I played to about six drunk people in an empty tent and escaped immediately afterwards clutching the cheque for my performance. It bounced.

    How do you look back now at Carter? You get somewhat swept under the carpet when the narrative of music from that era is written despite being fucking massive. Does that bother you ?
    I wish it didn’t but it does. The revisionist version of music history trotted out on every BBC4 documentary where it’s always the same story. How Britpop saved us from grunge. 1991 to 1993 did not happen.

    When was the last time you saw Fruitbat?
    We went to the pub about two weeks ago.

    Do you think Carter will ever play live again?
    I have to say no. The main reason for me, apart from the fact we’d stated we definitely wouldn’t do any more gigs, is our ages. I’m just too vain to see that written down in magazines.

    Whats the real story behind the Phillip Schofield incident ?!
    We were very drunk. We’d been waiting around all day. We felt like we were betraying our roots. Fruitbat got carried away.

    Can we expect any new music from Jim Bob as a solo act?
    I’m sure I will write something new eventually. But at the moment I’m artistically dry song wise.

    You’ve had a successful career as an author away from the music. Do you still have plans to continue that?
    I do. I find it quite difficult but I’m still excited enough about the prospect of another published book to keep going.

    Do you listen to any new music these days – if so who?
    Not as much as I should. I love Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes and Father John Misty.

    Finally, What can we expect from the Shiiine on performance in November?
    I think I’ll most likely go for a full on Carter hits set. Hopefully with everyone singing along. It can be quite life affirming when it happens. I can’t wait.

    Thank Jim Bob!