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    NEWS: Bridewell Taxis box set available now!

    The Bridewell Taxis have been championed by their droves of fans for their sound and unforgettable songs that have drawn comparisons to The La’s, The Real People and Happy Mondays. Harking from Leeds the band drew big crowds for their exciting and energetic live set that included the traditional guitar, bass and drums plus the exciting additions of keyboards and horns.

    Whilst it doesn’t look like we’ll see any live action from any of the band in the near future lead singer Mick Roberts has announced via The Bridewells Taxis fan Facebook page that he has a number of box sets priced at £35 (including P&P) of the bands complete output for sale. With the bands back catalogue reaching big figures for original copies of their material this is an ideal opportunity to grab a piece of this much loved bands musical output.

    With the promise of further delights including a live DVD of the bands sold out return gig live at Joseph Wells, with all money going towards Mick wanting to buy some professional hearing aids, this is an overly worthwhile cause to contribute some readies to Mick plus to get in return masterstrokes in song writing and musicianship, from one of the pioneers of the early 90’s independent music scene.

    To be able to order the box set please contact Mick via the following email address Jo.greaves1@hotmail.co.uk

    The Bridewell Taxis can be found via their Facebook page and group