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    TRACK OF THE WEEK: Psyence ‘Sugar Sweet’

    The inaugural Shiiine On track of the week belongs to the pride of the potteries; Psyence

    Anyone who has bore witness to the ferocious live sets of the Psyence live experience  could be very well surprised by this latest offering from the forthcoming album. A very pleasant surprise at that..

    “Sugar Sweet” takes the band into new territory with a more gentle and laid back sound . A synth line and falsetto vocal that oozes & reeks of sunshine – That begs to be played outdoors loud on a warm summer evening with a cold can in your hand. The band recently posted that “Sugar Sweet” offers references to some of their “atypical musical influences” This single sounds to signify a band who are really hitting their song writing stride and getting to grips with the recording studio and the fine art of making great records.

    Exciting times ahead for the Psyence lads.

    Psyence forthcoming album : Lessons In Forgetting Life (L.I.F.E) is released on 30th September

    Darren Brooks