11-13 Nov 2022
Weekender Minehead
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    Instructions for Noel Malaga’s Indie Karaoke @ Reds, Sunday 2.30pm

    Hailing from London’s Borderline and the cult ‘Christmas Club’ alt night, Noel Malaga is now bringing the Karaoke revolution to the Indie fraternity. Not since Steve Lamacq’s ‘Punk Rock Karaoke’ has there been a regular sing-a-long outlet for the alternative music fan.

    The Karaoke revolution is real and now is your chance to take to the stage, grab the mic, and fight for your right to party. You might want to shout it like Cobain, mumble like Yorke or put on a big performance and belt one out like Bjork.

    Noel Malaga’s Indie Karaoke works in collaboration with ‘Singa’ European giants of the Karaoke scene and organisers of the Karaoke World Championships.

    How it works


    • Download the FREE ‘Singa Karaoke’ app on your phone (you can log in via Facebook or create an account)
    • Search your favourite bands and songs and add to your favourites or create a Singlist
    • Practice at home so you’re ready for action when you attend an Indie Karaoke event
    • In the venue, enter the app and tap VENUES.
    • Tap the search bar, ‘Find Private Venue by Code’ will appear. Select this and enter noelsinga , tap ‘Next’ and then ‘Connect to Venue’
    • Now you can access your saved songs, search for new ones and send the request direct to us with your name attached.
    • You can track your position on the song list from your phone, so you know if there’s time for another trip to the bar or the loo.


    THE 90’s WAY…

    • Check the song list at the venue.
    • Fill in a slip and hand it to the DJ or member of staff.
    • For busier events on the night sign-ups may occur 30-45mins prior to start time.